atmel studio fail to upgrade my mk2 firm are and atmel flip is having problem

Started by jkanzaki, December 04, 2013, 12:05:13 AM

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I was trying to initiate my AVRISP MK2 programer and it give me this error. The ultimate goal is try to program a atmega1284p (smd version)

Problem 1
AVRISP mk2 firmware upgrade failed
Firmware version    On tool: 1.11   On disk 1.17

I tried to press the upgrade button then i get this message
AVRISP MkII firmware upgrade failed. toggle power on tool and retry upgrade

On atmel studio i have this setting Tool --> device programing
Tool: AVIRISP MKII  Device: AT90USb162   Interface: ISP   

the instruction manual didn't really say how to upgrade the firmware if iam using atmel studio, they
seem to be for arduino, AVRDUDE or linux?

Problem 2

When I have atmel Flip opened up I selected Device --> AT90USB162 
Then I try to select Communication medium --> usb  I get two error message pop up.

Message 1: AtLibUsbDfu.dll not found
Message 2: SettingMenuHandler:  Could not load dynamic library.


Guys I am super stuck. I installed all the driver provided at the olimex site for the AVRISP Mk2
Nothing seems to work.

Any advise is appreciate
Thanks Guys


I look through some of the previous post and figured out I needed to point my driver to atmel usb folder.

I am still trying to update the firmware on the device. Assuming I have the correct driver for flip. Now I am stuck exactly at section 4.2.4 of the instruction Select Settings -> Communication -> USB -> Open

Flip program gave me this error:    Could not open usb device.

Is there any setting on the avr programer i need to perform. For example. Change 5v to 3.3v or target on or off?



nevermind, stupid mistake. I had to push the upgrade button in order for flip to recognize the device.