external power jack/ Vin maximum current

Started by dasaki, September 27, 2013, 06:15:36 PM

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I'm working in a project with five dynamixel AX-12 (about 4.5a max) connected to an Olimexin 32u4 via an 72ls241. The board is powered from mains with a 10v 5a power adapter.

Two boards stopped working after a while. They don't work anymore with the power jack, but they powered via USB.

What is wrong?


I've used an original Arduino Leonardo board with exactly the same setup and it has been working flawlessly.

Can anyone tell me the maximum current through the Vin line /pin ??? I've looked in the manual but there is no info about that.

Also, any clue in what is broken in my Olimex boards?

I'm thinking filling a RMA...  :-\

This is my setup:


Vin as the name says should be used as Input to power the board, not as OUTPUT to supply 4 motors!