STM32-P407: SD-card in SDIO mode instead of SPI

Started by delaitre, October 17, 2012, 03:09:17 PM

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According to it seems that one can switch between SPI mode (default one) and SDIO mode for the sd card by adding/removing some resistors on the P407 board.

Could you explain a little more precisely how to setup the SDIO mode?


I have dug a little bit further as explained here:

However, I really need answer from Olimex to continue my investigations...


Hello delaitre,

What you said in Chibi's forum are correct assumptions:

So PC10, PC11, PC12 and PD2 are used in both mode.
PC8 and PC9 are used only in SDIO mode but are used by the camera (DCMI_D2 and DCMI_D3). So if I don't use the camera and if I remap those correctly in the board.h, it should be ok right?

However, I'll need to remove the 0 ohm resistors R29, R30, R31, R32 and add new ones for R24, R22, R25, R26, R27, R28. Is this correct (sorry, total noob here...)?
Moreover, I don't quite know if I should do something with R34, R35 and 37..."

R34, R35, R37 should be left like that.

We went for the SPI mode since we lacked pins for the camera. Still we left some-how easier way to reconfigure the SDIO mode.

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