OLinuXino-MAXI shutdown/sleep

Started by rabinath, October 15, 2012, 12:19:01 PM

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Is there a way to really shut down the OLinuXino? When I run "shutdown now -h" it does indeed shut down but starts up again right after the power should turn off. In fact I'm rather interested in the sleep mode, but i did not yet find a button or way to wake it up.


According to the manual of the OLinuXino-MAXI the PWR BTN on the board executes different functions when it is run from battery. Where do I find the source code of this functionality, in the imx-bootlets or is it hardcoded in the processor?


power managment is in the bootlets IIRC
"find" and "grep" commands are your friends through linux three


I am still trying to find out why my board does not wake up from standby mode when I press the PWR BTN. Pressing the button during runtime causes the kernel to enter standby mode, this equals to running
echo standby > /sys/power/state

from a console. The source for this kernel function can be found in

There's a function called pswitch_interrupt that measures the time the button is pressed and causes either a standby or shutdown. This all works - except the shutdown is just a restart - but why can't I wake up the board from standby by pressing the PWR BTN again?

I am using linux-imx- from fsl-community-bsp