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Started by ferzmontes, June 02, 2013, 08:35:26 PM

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i have the picweb board, working well when i connect it to the router adls, getting the LAN ip, in the browser i put the lan ip the endebed page  shows fine, led works, the temperature shows and the resistor gets a good reading. i use the router ip that shows from the provider, and i put in the browser but show nothnig. Also i allow the firewall for the picweb board. But how i access to the board from internet, i mean from a pc or a tablet from any where?


Hello ferzmontes,

Unfortunately, this problem is not much related with the embedded electronics field. This is mostly a simple networking problem. Probably your internet connection has a dynamic IP address and needs port forwarding in the router setup.

I recommend you page 31 of this document: http://www.ljcv.net/library/en/en002b.pdf

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