Programming an MSP430F2012IPW

Started by Psii, March 14, 2013, 06:10:05 PM

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As the title suggests, I intend to program an MSP430F2012IPW interfaced with an LMP91000 and some other peripherals (ADC, DC-DC converter etc.) on a custom PCB. I am new to TI microcontrollers, and I am unsure on how to program it. From the schematics, the device uses SBWTDIO to program via the TEST and RST pins. I have been looking at the Olimex v2 JTAG TINY programmer and debugger as an option. Will this be a sufficient hardware interface?

For the PC software I thought about using IAR kickstarter as I do not need more than 4kB, and Olimex MSP430 programmer software.

Will this suffice? Am I missing something?

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Should be enough...whoever designed the custom board should be helping you connect the JTAG adapter to the board because the connection is heavily dependent on how the board was designed...

And if you're using SBW w/ a TAG-Connect footprint, it's more complicated because Olimex's pinout doesn't match the TI FET JTAG debugger pinout.