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Started by andyh747, December 24, 2023, 03:58:06 PM

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I'm trying to build an ESP board for integration with a Somfy RTS system highlighted here:

I'm completely new to doing this so forgive the stupid questions.
I'm going with the ESP32-POE-ISO board and case.  I need to connect an CC1101 transceiver to the UEXT connector.  I'm using the following transceiver:

Is there a specific interface I can use which will simply allow these to plug together so the correct pinout is connected from the board to transceiver?

Thanks for any help.


What exactly is the transceiver? Information is missing after ":"...
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Hi, seems I am exactly looking into the same thing.
The RF module is the CC1101, which is available as a board E07-M1101D-SMA compatible with ESP32.
This should be the pin reference for E07-M1101D:
Pin   Description      ESP Pin
1   GND         GND
2   VCC         3v3
3   GDO0 - This is the TX Pin   GPIO 04
4   CSN         GPIO 13
5   SCK         GPIO 14
6   MOSI         GPIO 15
7   MISO         GPIO 16
8   GDO2 - This is the RX pin   GPIO 36

Would a UEXT module be an option ?


GPIO36 is not GPIO regarding the ESP32 board, it is only input hence the name in our documentation GPI36. So maybe swap 3 and 8.
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