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Started by StevefromNewcastle, March 29, 2024, 11:42:29 AM

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Just a quick question, I know the poe-iso is isolated from the usb but is it safe to power the board over 5v at the board and have ethernet POE plugged in.
If not what is the easiest way to stop the board receiving POE power?


Where do you apply 5V? To the 5V and GND pin of the EXT connector?

It is good idea to measure the voltage between the grounds of your 5V power supply and the GND pin of the UEXT connector before applying the 5V DC supply to the ESP32-POE-ISO. You should also measure that voltage when the ESP32-POE-ISO is powered by the POE and before attaching the 5V DC supply to the EXT. This would exclude any chance of a problem between the grounds of your external power supply and network equipment.
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