ESP Prog - ESP32 C3 Mini

Started by wiseman, November 07, 2023, 08:12:53 PM

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Sorry another question about the ESP Prog when used with an ESP32 C3 Mini.

In the instructions it says to join GPIO0 and GPIO2 to DCOM. For this ESP32 model would it be GPIO8 and GPIO9 instead?

I was going to use a jumper to join them together when wanting to flash the chip.

The design is open source for anyway to view here -



In ESP32 GPIO and GPIO2 are strap pins used for either booting in SPI execute mode or download mode.

I can see from the documentation of ESP32-C3 (esp32-c-mini datasheet page 12 table 4; and also page 25 of the ESP32-C3 series datasheet here: - that in ESP32-C3 the pins are GPIO8 and GPIO9, but also GPIO2 has to be pulled up.
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Brilliant thank you  :)

I am fairly new at this so the schematic should be as I described with 8+9 going to DCOM, which is good news.

The pull up on GPIO2 - I assume this is something I need to handle as the 6 pins on the ESP prog are taken up with other tasks. Guessing another jumper/switch etc that connects the pull up resistor to the IO.