PIC32-PINGUINO-MICRO + UEXT pin header options

Started by mjbauer, January 22, 2023, 08:35:14 AM

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The PIC32-PINGUINO-MICRO module was designed to be piggy-backed onto a mother-board of some sort. It may be a prototyping board or a custom PCB. The side connectors (CON1, CON2) give access to  most of the MCU port pins, but some other signals are accessible only in the 'UEXT' connector. Not all user applications need a plug-in UEXT module.

It would be convenient for some applications if the UEXT connector was not fitted to the module. This would allow alternative connectors to be fitted, e.g. a straight DIL-10 pin header on the underside of the module, allowing it to be plugged into a DIL connector strip (5 x 2 contacts) on the mother-board.

Of course, the right-angle DIL box header could be removed, but this is a laborious task and it could damage tracks or pads on the PIC32 module.

By the way, some time ago (2016) I searched the Olimex site for PIC32MX development boards. I did not find the PIC32-PINGUINO-MICRO because it is not listed in the PIC32 menu (dev board page). It is listed only under the "DUINO" menu. Maybe it would help customers to find the PIC32-based PINGUINO modules if they were listed also in the PIC32 category. (I bought PIC32MX460 and PIC32MX340 dev boards for my projects, but the PINGUINO would be preferable.)

Tsvetan, I hope you take on board my suggestions!

Cheers -- Mike