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PIC32 MZ144 EBIMode

Started by andy321, May 30, 2022, 10:42:11 PM

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Hi folks,
 I've tried to implement an External Bus Interface on my Olimex PIC32-MZ144 board by connecting it to an external 8-bit 32Kx8 SRAM part. I followed the design code outlined in Section 47 of datasheet. What happens when I do a simple write cycle to the memory chip is I get the CS_, WE_ pulses correctly but data lines are tri-stated(as shown in the scope). The address lines values are iffy, but they are at correct voltage level. So the processor does not send out any data on this simple 8-bit write cycle.
 Has anybody successfully implemented an EBI operation on any PIC processor that you can share with I would most appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.


My advice is to also directly post in Microchip boards and in forums and boards related to Microchip products and PIC products.
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