How to create image for android from source that can be loaded to NAND flash.

Started by biniyas, February 21, 2013, 07:12:05 am

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Can you please tell me how can i create image to load ( in NAND flash) android from the Android SDK given in the Olimex site ?


Image is created using the A13-SDK (large archive) -- a long Android compilation running on Linux. Search the product pages/wiki/forum for info. I am not sure what is the "final" utility used to assemble the .img but I assume that can be found in the A13-SDK with some digging.  "LiveSuit" and "PhoenixCard" are ways to get that .img flashed in the nand. Also the community site has some good info.

Hope that helps.


Dig a round a bit as I think some needs 64-bit host OS.

This is not a terribly dire process but you should not think it is a trivial task.  Are you sure you need to do it...



Search this forum for words like sdk, android, ubuntu. This is explained in many subjects. But make sure you have 4 or 8 GB ram and 50 gb storage. It takes so much time. Also check this subject: