ESP32 GATEWAY Failed Uploading Error: Exit Status 2

Started by ahmedhussain85, June 15, 2023, 11:19:04 PM

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Hi everyone

Please check the photo in the link below. My previously uploaded code is working fine and I see output in serial monitor in Arduino IDE but I cannot upload anything else on ESP32 now.

Please help me how to fix this issue as ESP32 GATEWAY board does not have boot button either.

Best regards



What did you change in your software or hardware setup between when it was working fine and now?

Maybe board is now at different COM port, did you verify the device is listed as COM6, maybe it was given different COM port # this time around?

How is the board listed in your OS?

About the button - the board can be adjusted so the button can act as boot button, take a look at the schematic.
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