which ESP32 board with etnernet has the most available pins for SPI devices

Started by MZL, May 11, 2023, 11:45:30 PM

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Hi there,

I need a ESP32 board with a lot of available pins to connect as much as possible SPI devices.
The board should have an ethernet connector.
I already figured out that the ESP32-EVB has not many available pins.
So, there are only the ESP32-PoE, ESP32-PoE-ISO and ESP32-Gateway.
I donĀ“t need PoE, so, I guess the ESP32-Gateway is the best board for my needs.
Is that correct an which pins can I really use for SPI devices?

Thanks in advance


Yes, from our product range ESP32-GATEWAY would fit this goal the best.

Generally, ESP32 chip has 4 x hardware SPI but two are used for internal SPI memory so you are left with 2 x hardware SPI. These can be redefined on any GPIO pin so no problem to use these two. If you need more than that maybe consider time sharing, chip selects, or consider using software SPI.

I also recommend you this official info here:


Maybe also join the espressiff forums, they are more active and I am sure there is tons of info about SPI in ESP32.
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