OLinuXino A13 3.4.90+ linux sources

Started by vladimirstoyanov, April 17, 2023, 07:27:55 PM

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Hello guys!

I bought a SD card with Debian (3.4.90+ linux kernel) before 10 years maybe. I tried to build some software on it these days, but when I execute "make" command it prints me some error related to /lib/modules/3.4.90+/build which point to /home/gogo/<3.4.90+ linux sources>. I don't have these sources.

I have searched for OLinuXino A13 3.4.90+ linux sources. I have found a .torrent file with the sources, but there aren't seeds and I can't download them.

Do you have any link with these sources?


We no longer maintain torrent system, since there weren't many seeders anyway. Most of the older stuff is available at our FTP:


also other files that are needed are available here at GitHub


Let me know if something specific that you need is not available at the links provided.

Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


There is "build" link that points to /home/gogo/a13_kernel_34_no_staging/linux-sunxi:

/lib/modules/3.4.90+/build -> /home/gogo/a13_kernel_34_no_staging/linux-sunxi

I would like to find this directory "a13_kernel_34_no_staging" or "linux-sunxi" tools at least. I can't find them anywhere.


Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex