ESP32 with NB-IoT-DevKit

Started by sergiom, April 27, 2023, 09:58:54 AM

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I'm trying to connect a esp32 with a NBIoT devkit. My problem is that I can't connect this two board with the uart port and i don't find information about this. When I send AT comands to the comunication board I don't recive anything. I don't know if is necesary to configurate the NB-IOT-DEVKIT for the communication or something similar.


It can be million of things. Try to lower the possibilities and isolate the issue. Maybe confirm if each of the boards is working as intended when they are separated from each other (aka try the ESP32 board wit another UART board or device, and try using the NB-IoT board via the microUSB, instead of the UART).

Make sure GNDs are connected RX of one board goes to TX of the other, and vice versa TX of one goes to RX of the other. Make sure both are powered.

Make sure sleep is disabled with AT+CPSMS=0 since it turns off UART communication too.
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