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Help with toasted XDS100v3

Started by kcswalter, March 01, 2023, 08:01:08 AM

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I accidentally inverted the connector while connecting to a TI board that has an identical pinout to your TMS320-P28016 (except all the resistors are 3k3).

I removed it as quickly as possible, but U6 is completely burned out. Is there a schematic for XDS100v3, or at least, is it possible to have the part number for U6 so I can at least try replacing it?

Many thanks

P.S.: as a suggestion, it would be easier to avoid this mistake if PIN 6 of the 14 pin connector were phisically blocked in your connector, as it is for example in blackhawk XDS100v2 adapter.


U3 to U8 (including) are all NUP4201MR6T1G in TSOP-6 package.
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Ok, so I suppose I can use SRV05−4MR6T1G as a replacement, given that the original component is out of production.

If only the circuit hadn't been burned beyond repair under the chip... I've already ordered a new XDS100v3, the first one may be definitely out of commission.

Thank you anyway for the help