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Started by kyrk.5, February 02, 2023, 04:41:22 PM

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I try to use the MOD-LoRa-UEXT with a PIC32-PINGUINO-MICRO board together to realize a LoraWAN Node. My plan is/was to port the Microchip RN2483EU_1.0.6_RC4 Stack code.

While doing the porting to the PIC32, I have encountered a small issue. On the MOD-LoRa-UEXT the DIO0,1,2 are connected to the headers. However the stack from microchip looks like to relay on DIO0,1,5.
The microchip stack uses DIO5 for mode change check. DIO2 is for frequency hopping which as far as I see now, is not used at all.

So for me now the DIO2 is useless, instead of it DIO5 would help a little bit. However it looks like as it would be possible to read out an internal interrupt bit to see if a mode change is finished. So it is not a big deal at all. Maybe in the future a change of the design from DIO2 to DIO5 (or selecting with a solder jumper) could help to make the device more compatible with legacy libraries. Anyway the non -UEXT version have all pins tied to the pinheader.