Board ESP32-EVB-REV-I need reset button to start

Started by VautrinDylan, January 24, 2023, 03:18:24 PM

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I work on a project with the ESP32-EVB-REV-I board, i have an issue when i try to start the board : it don't start until i press the reset button. I've checked for the power and everything is good, it is powered up by a lab power supply, i have also tried with a 24V-5V supply but it change nothing.
I've tried different code , and it is the same, nothing start until the reset button is pressed, i've mesured the consumption and before the reset button it's 60mA and after 300mA.
I've also try to modify the RC circuit for the enable, i found somewhere than the REV-F was working fine with a 1K resistor and no condensator so i tried this but it change nothing.
Someone have an idea ?


Add some delay before the start of your code.

Ensure nothing is hampering one of the boot pins.
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