Using locking barrel connectors for industrial boards

Started by JC, January 21, 2023, 03:36:06 AM

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@Olimex, what are your thoughts on using locking/threaded barrel connectors for the power jacks on industrial-grade boards? I've had issues in the past when running SBCs in some tight spaces where I'd accidentally tug on the power cable, annoyingly causing it to unplug from the device.

Pro: peace of mind having a reliable power connection when using a threaded plug

Con: potential bump in BOM cost; power plug hole in existing case designs would need to be enlarged


It is a valid concern and request but I don't think we can make variants of board just for one connector. In most of our designs you can power the boards from another place (GPIO header or pin out or you can even unsolder that barrel connector and place another type or solder under it and stuff). I've forwarded your feedback to the designers.  We sometimes place terminal block connectors connectors in some of the industrial boards (like PIC-MAXI-WEB) but for most customers it is a hinderance and the other people that don't like the barrel jack usually find a way.

Which specific product is that you want with block connector?
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