Arduino Example for blink not working on the STM32 E407

Started by sachinkum0009, January 12, 2023, 12:35:48 PM

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Hi, Greetings
I am trying to test code on STM32 E407 which has GD32 chip. I tried to follow the documentation but didn't get desired results as after uploading the blink code and changing flash mode and pressing reset button, the led is not blinking. I am not sure what is the problem please help me.

stm32 e407 documentation

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks a lot


The document doesn't mention anything about blinking LED. It describes how to prepare the Arduino IDE for working with STM32 chip, which it did accomplish successfully at your side.

However, in your demo code you might need you to define the proper pins for LED. Looking at the schematic it seems like it is pin PC13.

You can use PC13 in the code and try again.

You should also inspect how the definitions for the board are done, usually in the packages that get installed in similar to this location:


Furthermore, there might be better Arduino packages for STM32/GD32 nowadays. When we released our package  programming ARM board via Arudino IDE was still a novelty thing to, so we just wanted to show how it can be done. Nowadays, there are better packages with better support. You can try these I guess:
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