UPDATE: Made a kernel module for UEXT MOD-IO (for A13 sunxi 3.0)

Started by hhornbacher, February 17, 2013, 01:11:00 AM

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I made today a kernel driver module for the UEXT IO module. Maybe someone is interested in this... (I would also appreciate some tipps, cause this is my first kernel module)

At the moment it supports reading digital io and adc, as well as reading/controlling relay states over procfs.

To read you can use
cat /proc/mod-io/adc/1

To write
echo "1" > /proc/mod-io/relay/2

Here is the download link:

Now you can get all my module sources from:

Would be cool, if some poeple who have the MOD-IO can test it and write some feedback ;D


looks good enough to get put in the kernel as standard. essential stuff


thanks, this encourages me to do some further testing and optimisation, and maybe then i start the effort to get it put in kernel


thanks, and your drivers are good reference material, very interesting, too!