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Started by mbosschaert, December 26, 2022, 09:12:34 pm

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Hi all, I'm using the Lime2 boards for various implementations, like home automation, backup servers and NAS storage, for some years. I'm using the Armbian images with up to date debian. Although usually all works well, I have some boards, especially when a 2.5" disk is connected, which suddenly hangs without any remark in the log files, it just stops. I'm using the MeanWell 5v 3A power supplies.

At this moment I'm at the point to start a new backup-configuration where I want to have about 10T backup space in raid 1 configuration. So I, if I want to use the Olimex boards, need to multiply the SATA port. The speed is not really an issue as the backups will be made over the internet through a VPN system.

My questions are:
- what would be the best board to use, is the lime2 sufficiently powered. Is Olimex the way to go or should I choose for other hardware.
- if going for Olimex, will a SATA multiplyer work? I found some on aliexpress but have no experience with those.
- would it be required to power the disks separately?
- what should be the minimal power supply, assuming the hardware will consist of MoBo and (at least) 2 harddisks (possibly one additional for the OS). Is MeanWell  trustworthy hardware or should I go for something else?



I don't know about SATA multipliers but you will definately need to power the hard disks externally. The on-board power for the SATA is barely sufficient for a single disk, let alone for multiple ones.

It is hard to speculate about the wattage of the power supply required. The scientific way is to check the datasheet or ask the manufacturer of each hard disk about maximum power consumption. Then sum together and get a supply with at least 15-20% more wattage to be safe (power supplies are not 100% efficient especially in continuous usage).
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I found this type of SATA port multiplyers:

In the description this is said:
SATA3.0 1 to 5 expansion card supports 6-port 6.0Gbps SATA III interface. This expansion card requires the motherboard or expansion card support point (SATA Interface Multiplier) to recognize 5 hard drives.

Is that the case for the Lime2?


I honestly can't say for sure if it would work, we have never used SATA multiplier.
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