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Started by rbacchi, February 15, 2013, 12:19:39 AM

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Hi people,
i've just ordered a Olinuxino Maxi.
A very simple question:
i've understood that the simplest way to connect the board to a PC is via U_DEBUG socket.
I thing to destroy a USB cable for this purpouse but where can I connect the other side of the cable?
Directly in the USB of my PC?
How set the terminal pf PC? Which COM port? or ?
Please help me!

Thanks, Roberto


You will need a level shifter between them (to convert from TTL levels to RS232).

Maybe easiest way is to buy a ready made cable. Or create the level shifter circuit yourself, and connect a serial/serial-to-usb cable.


Hi jlumme,
thank you for reply.
Do you think that U_Debug is 5V tolerant?
Or must be limited?

Ciao, Rbacchi