OLIMEX-Board instead of TI-LaunchPad

Started by FranzPeter, August 23, 2022, 02:07:40 PM

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Dear Experts!
I have to do Seminars with Code Composer and MSP430-Microcontroller. In the past I have used the TI-LaunchPads. This was easy, because it can be programmed directly via USB. I want to do this now with OLIMEX-boards. Are there boards with MSP430 which can be programmed direkt via USB?
All the best Franz Peter


It is likely that we don't have MSP430 board that can be programmed via USB. You would probably need a programmer.

Last time I checked (which was like two years ago) OLIMEXINO-5510 was no longer supported by Energia IDE and I couldn't find a way to program it via the USB. I will check today if things got better but I doubt.
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It seems that there is still no support in Energia IDE for MSP430F5510, I am not sure how hard it is to add support, but all requests for additional board support lead to this recommendation (aka add your own support):


also here:

Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex