ESP32-POE-ISO randomly freezes for some hours and afterwards is working again

Started by u20p17, July 14, 2022, 09:33:22 AM

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Hi all,
I have a problem with random freezes of the ESP32-POE-ISO which get powered via POE. In my code it reads in serial data, decrypt it and publish the data via mqtt. It seems that everything is working as expected but after some mqtt messages it freezes for 1.5 hours (this time is not constant, sometimes it is much more, sometimes less). I do not get any errors and I do not know how I could solve this issue. Any tips?

Here would be the code:

The basic code is from which I modified to use the ethernet connection. I also made an issue there and the author experienced the same behaviour with an esp32, but also has no solution to fix the issue...

Hope of hearing from you soon :)

Thanks in advance!



I have no idea but you might test and compare with some other mqqt software, like what was published at the bottom here:
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