Newbie questions: DuinoMite-Mega & Pinguino

Started by eths, October 31, 2012, 01:15:45 PM

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I just ordered the DuinoMite-Mega, my first micro-controller based computer and I know how to program in several languages, but have no experience with micro-controllers.

In the on line documentation, you write:

The DuinoMite boards are based on our PIC32-PINGUINO-OTG project hardware and evolved from
there, so they can use the existing Pinguino programming environment, the only difference is that a
different boot-loader should be programmed into the DuinoMite to support Pinguino IDE.

  • After looking at the Pinguino Wiki, I don't understand which bootloader the DuinoMite-Mega needs for the Pinguino system.

  • Also how would one revert back to the MM-Basic environment, i.e. which bootloader would have to be installed?

On the PC side I will be working Mac OS-X (MacBook Pro), so Windows or Linux tools to change bootloader would be a pain in the "you know what"... ;-)



I am also very interested in this. Could we please get an answer. In my case I'm using an eMega and understand the extra stuff will probably not work but for quick stuff that's fine.


I know it has been sometime since the original post but you guys get anywhere with this ? The latest I found was that you need to get a PicKit3 and reprogram the bootloader.

If you have done that, have you been able to get a library that talks to the ethernet controller ?

a tad disappointed with this board at the moment, the Basic does and looks like it will not support the ethernet controller ( I suppose I should have read the small print before purchasing it but...) and it looks like you have to buy a £100 programmer to be able to use all of the functionality of the board  :(


On under the heading "Wish to program the DuinoMite in C?" it says:
QuoteOlimex Pinguino IDE supports the DuinoMite even now. No need for a special linker script as there is one for the 795 already. Use the existing bootloader that is programmed into the board.

I've not tested it yet though.
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PICkit3 is fairly cheap and all you need to reflash bootloader code.  I think PICkit2 may also be possible using pic32prog

The bootloader for DM is explained in an Olimex post somewhere but likely also on Dontronics (.au site).

I'm not sure which one you'd use for Pinguino but once you have a PICkit it's easy to try and a few hex files are available via their forum/wiki.

MacOS may make life harder, though.  You probably have to put in more effort finding out but kinda comes with the choice to use it.