A10 olimage issue

Started by xtrinch, June 14, 2022, 09:47:53 PM

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So I've tried three different images on my A10 Lime:

- A10-OLinuXino-bullseye-base-20220413-094751
This image boots, but it appears to have some issues. It is quite slow and sluggish and the boot time is very long. Chromium does not run - logs say "stack smashing detected".

- a10_Lime_mainline_uboot_debian_3.4.90_release_4.img
This one does not boot at all. There's some output when it starts booting, then the image on the screen goes wonky and colorful and it dies. The green light on the board then blinks continuously.

- a10_Lime_debian_3.4.90_release_3.img
This is an old image with debian Wheezy, but compared to the first two it works pretty great. It is fast and responsive, however due to it being an old image I cannot install chromium on it which I need.

I'm not entirely sure which of the first two is officially the recommended one. Perhaps the one that won't boot?

Are there any explanations to the issues I'm seeing, anyone else with the same problems?

Also, if I could get some suggestions which of your Olinuxino boards would be best for a kiosk-mode device running chromium, that would be great. I'm starting to think the A10 wasn't the best choice.


Which is the recommended image? It depends on what you need. The latest images have quite new kernels but lack hardware video acceleration. I'd image for kiosk usage and chromium you might need hardware video acceleration, so in that case the "older" sunxi images with 3.4.90 kernel might be the better choice.

A10 is not one of the top performers when it comes to using a browser and playing video. The chip is slower than A20 and A64 and the board has only 512MB RAM. I believe the starting point for such project should be at least A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 that has a bit better main chip and 1GB RAM. Then again software-wise situation is similar - if you wish to use latest images there is no hardware acceleration, and if you use sunxi images you are stuck with older kernel.
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