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Started by Ste_trat, June 09, 2022, 01:23:48 PM

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According to the user manual:

"In GitHub software folder there are 6 examples how to use the GPIOs, I2C, SPI (we add new library for
this as otherwise you couldn't use the micro SD card as original Arduino library support just one SPI),
CAN, UART, SD-card, LCD3310."

i cant find a software folder with examples.
Can you please provide a link ?

Because in am interested in using CAN with the SOM.




This is, in fact, very interesting find. Mainly because STMP15x-SOM boards were never meant to be used with Arduino, nor have they been advertised as such. These are Linux boards.

I would investigate this claim but I believe it is clear mistake. Looks like copy-paste from some other document (probably from OLIMEXINO-STM32F3):

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