Allwinner A20 application note/guidelines

Started by netem, July 01, 2014, 07:12:52 am

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Are there any all winner application notes available for pull-up/pulldown or other electrical guidelines ? I wanted to remove some components from the A20 design which are not needed for my application.


I believe not, unless it's in the doc already on web sites.  Some/most/all of those are Chinese.



The folder with its content was removed in aa007a3f78cf2b1c0c60b91643b5833cee129321

It is still available in

"pull" is mentioned in two documents:
- A20 Datasheet v1.0 20130227.pdf
- A20 User Manual 2013-03-22.pdf

But I did not find much about electrical guidelines, only that the internal resistor of the boot select pin is 50K and that RIRQ has a programmable pull-up resistor of 6~96 kΩ (default 48kΩ).