ESP32-POE (rev. B) micropython support?

Started by dellekom, February 16, 2022, 03:18:10 PM

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Dear Olimex,

some time ago, I bought 10 ESP32-POE (rev. B) boards and only now come to test and use them.

I've been successful in using your SD-Card and LAN example with Android IDE out of the box: So far, so great. Hardware seems to be working.

My end goal is to use the device with micropython:

I am using the Thonny IDE and had been successful to flash micropython on your device but could only ever make the Wifi work, no matter what I did, LAN / Ethernet remained dead.

Now fortunately, there are a lot of devices already supported by micropython website, there are even two Olimex boards supported, see

However, ESP-POE or any other ESP32 Ethernet board seems not to be there already.

It would be awesome if you could either add support info there and / or tell us here whch settings I missed..

Many thanks -


It is probably some software configuration. I remember a couple of years ago people managed to get the Ethernet working, check here:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex