ESP32 module indended for integration into other systems

Started by johannesnordh, January 31, 2022, 10:42:36 am

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Hi there

Do you have any plans for creating an ESP32 module even more intended for integrating into other systems? I develop short series, custom, measurement related systems, usually with custom PCBs. I often find myself reaching for either a POE- or Devkit board, slapping on some headers or sockets to my PCB design, and soldering the board to the PCBs.

I think it would be nice with an ESP32 card with features like:
* Some kind of higher density contact (such as the SOM204 boards)
* Smaller physical footprint since e.g. LAN-, UEXT and other contacts could be externalized.
* Still takes care of the circuitry surrounding the chip (power, usb to uart and such).
* Perhaps expose more of the GPIO pins?

Best regards
Johannes Nordh