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32u4 programmer help!

Started by DesSony7, January 26, 2022, 07:27:15 AM

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Please clarify the section where I typed 'cd arduino-1.8.18 [return] sudo ./arduino'.  I got its answer as 'exit status 1 [return] too many decimal points in number'.  What went wrong?  Which screen?  Which program?  I am pulling my hair out in frustration!

https://...ice40hx1k-evb#INSTALLING_Icestor...  Preparing OLIMEXINO-32U4 as a programmer.


So this happens when you try to start the Arduino IDE? Seems like something is wrong with Arduino IDE installation.

Maybe try re-installing Arduino IDE, maybe try a simpler path without decimal symbols in name. Maybe the Arduino community would know more.
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I found an avoidance to the "no such dir" and  "exit status 1 [return] too many decimal points in number" issues.  It was on a YouTube channel.  It was less painful and faster!


Thank you very much in advance.