ESP32-POE-ISO with MAX31855 (SPI)

Started by amlai, January 14, 2022, 09:35:08 AM

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I'm trying to use a ESP32-POE-ISO a MAX31855 using ESPHome. The board is being powered on through POE.  It boots up, but I can't seem to get the ESP32-POE-ISO to read the MAX31855. I get an error message saying, "No data received from MAX31855 (0xFFFFFFFF). Check wiring!"

I've tried defining the following pins:
miso_pin: GPIO1
clk_pin: GPIO3
cs_pin: GPIO5

Is there any reason why those pins shouldn't work?

Playing around with the pin selection, it seems that if I move to the following pin configuration, things seem like they're picking up a valid signal from the MAX31855. (The temperature that is sensed doesn't quite seem right, but does move in the right direction.)
miso_pin: GPIO0
clk_pin: GPIO3
cs_pin: GPIO16

Any insight you might provide would be greatly appreciated.