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Started by markus2330, December 30, 2021, 03:56:54 PM

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Dear Olimex community,

Where can I report broken links and outdated information in the docu?

Here are some things I found so far:

Link to Devuan broken:

Link in A20-OLinuXino-LIME2-UM.pdf broken:

GPIO examples with SD-card delivered (Linux a20-olinuxino 5.10.47-olimex #110619 SMP Sat Jul 24 11:07:36 UTC 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux) do not work:
(PH2 is 226 vs. is 20)

And both examples do not work as /sys/kernel/debug/gpio says:
gpio-226 (                    |a20-olinuxino-lime2:) out hi

best regards,


Another small typo: LIME2-SHIELD.pdf page 12 should read ls /sys/class/gpio (slash in beginning is missing).

best regards,


Thank you for the report. I fixed what I could but please notice that the wiki is largely outdated and information there applies only for older, no-longer supported Linux releases. The link to the wiki at the product page says "Outdated wiki article with Linux usage and build instruction for older images".

The examples contradict because they were made for different Linux releases, one is for sunxi, the other for Armbian and both are outdated.

My advice is to use Olimage and use this document as source of information:

Let me know if you notice other discrepancies.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex