ESP32-PoE - Slow performance over PoE

Started by wpoland3, November 18, 2021, 06:38:59 PM

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I had a batch of ESP32-PoE devices arrive from digi-key yesterday. The device seem to be a newer build with smaller capacitors than previous modules I worked with. All seemed fine when flashing ESPhome based FW to the first set of modules I was working with, but when time to test my product I've come across 4 ESP32-PoE modules that do not preform well (simple serial to tcp function runs very slow and network disconnects) when connected to PoE. If I connect the same module to usb power and an UN-Powered network connection the performance is fine. Other modules work/preform fine with the same PoE connection so I can rule that out as a cause.

Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting? I've re-flashed ESP FW and same results.


Do you use deep sleep in your code? You said 4 boards are experience this behavior but out of how many in total? Do the rest outside of those 4 work fine?

There is a major hardware difference between older batches and latest batch of the PoE boards - new batches have different PoE chip, and all components around it are different, refer to the announcement here:

Basically, Si3402 was replaced by TPS2375P Texas Instruments one.
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Out of 30 total- 4 exhibit the issue. No Deep sleep. (I went through and tested the rest after this popped up).