Powering standalone A13-SOM board

Started by vitaly, November 15, 2021, 03:04:29 PM

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I'm trying to understand what options of powering standalone (no WIFI) A13-SOM board really are. The user manual of the board in this regard is a little bit confusing, I think. On the one hand, the user manual says that there are only 2 options for powering the board: via UART pins and via GPIO-1 connector pins, both 3.3v only. But on the other hand, I see there 5V pin on LCD connector. Isn't it suppose to power the board? If not, what it supposed for? Is it input or output? If it supposed to power LCD display, so where is the input? I don't think there 3.3V to 5V step-up somewhere on the board for that. Can somebody clarify this?


The 5V from LCD_CON of A13-SOM is not connected anywhere. The label 5V is there just to clarify where there would be 5V if A13-SOM used with A13-SOM-WIFI. It goes nowhere.
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