Analog Input in ESP32-EVB

Started by Daylan Nunes, November 11, 2021, 07:24:21 PM

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Daylan Nunes

Hello, how can I use the analog input in the ESP32-EVB? If it's possible to do, of course.
I have been searching about this and didn't find anything about it.


You need to identify ADC (analog-digital-convertor) pins. There are many suitable pins in ESP32 chip but in the design of ESP32-EVB some of these are used for other functions.

You can still find few free pins that can be configured for ADC operation at the UEXT connection. For example, GPIO4 and GPIO16 are available.

After that you can check one of the numerous guides on general information about using ADC with ESP32, just when pins are mentioned use GPIO4 or GPIO16.
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