Things that can be removed in a custom PCB

Started by Eric976, September 30, 2021, 09:22:34 AM

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I'm doing a custom PCB using OLinuxINO hardware, but there are some things I'll not use and I'm wondering if I can remove them.
1) I'll not use ethernet. So I removed the ethernet connector and the ethernet component. Can I remove the EEPROM that handles the MAC Address? I think yes because the wifi component already has its MAC address.
2) Can I remove the 16M bytes SPI flash memory? Isn't necessary for the operational system?
3) I'll not use the battery circuit, so can I left the pins N_BATDRV, BATSENSEN, LOADSENSEP, LX_CHG, VIN_CHG, CHGLED, and TS from the component AXP803 floating?
4) I'll not use the 5V parts of the USB connections, just for data, so is it fine to remove it and left the pins connected to the labels USB0-DRV, USB1-DRV and USB-VBUSDET also floating?