how to download code to MOD-EKG via IAR Workbench IDE

Started by, July 23, 2021, 03:19:52 PM

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  I have a MOD-EKG board with JTAG debugger. I am using IAR Workbench IDE - MSP430 7.21.1 and would like to download "demo code Heart rate with EKG Demo.c" to the board. The file can compile successfully and can run in simulator mode. But I can't figure out how can I download the code to the board successfully. It prompts me an error message "Failed to re-initialize". Can please advise what is the correct settings in order to download the code to the board? For FET debugger, I have tried "Texas Instrument USB-IF" and "Elprotronic USB-FPA", both are not working too.

Below is snapshot of my settings:

Anyone who can advise me will be appreciated.


The tool is not compatible with the version of IAR EW that you use. The tool works with versions prior to 6.x.x. It doesn't work with version 6.x.x or newer.

This is mentioned on the product page here:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex

  Thanks your reply. I have checked with IAR, they allow us to download the old version only if we have the commercial license which is cost sgd 6k++. 
  I have also checked with TI customer support to see if they have any old version IAR with an evaluation license. They only suggest me either convert to Code Composer Studio (CCS) or convert to a new version of IAR.
  What I know is the demo code is written in IAR assembler (.s43) and I don't know how to convert to CCS.
  Do you have any suggestions for me? or any other way to find an old version of IAR? Or any chance that you have a demo code for CCS?

Thank you very much.