i.MX233 LQFP-128 Debug UART and 8 bit (4:2:2) RGB TFT LCD

Started by rohitabho, May 07, 2017, 05:02:19 AM

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I am designing custom board based on i.MX233 LQFP-128 but I need two UART for my application. This package have one application UART and one Debug UART. Is it possible to use Debug UART for external device communication like GSM/GPS Module? Is it possible to achieve baudrate 115200 for Debug UART?

I need to use LCDIF to interface 24 bit parallel RGB TFT LCD in 8 bit (4:2:2) mode. Is it possible with linux freambuffer?

Thank you!


About the baudrate 115200 is the default on olinuxino boards, so yes this should work.

About using the Debug UART: Linux can direct the system console somewhere else, then the UART is free for other uses. However it might miss RTS/CTS handling. Not sure, you have to look it up, if you need this.