Kernel panic on A13-SOM

Started by alexfreed58, June 03, 2021, 01:13:23 am

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I just got an A13-SOM module rev. D plus a WIFI board  (from
The links to the software on the microcontrollershop's site are dead. After some search I found Olimex's ftp server and downloaded A13_debian_34_90_mainline_u-boot_release_11_1.7z
Made an SD card with it. If I try to start with the WIFI board plugged in, the kernel start to boot, but panics after "Regestering SWP/SWPB emulation buffer". I can provide the boot log if needed.
Now if I try to power the CPU module alone powering it from 3.3 V source, I don't even get the U-boot to load.
Please point me to a minimal system that should boot.


I have compiled a 3.4.104 kernel and got the same panic problem. Downloaded an image from the FTP site "A13_SOM_Debian_kernel_34_90_100kHz_I2C_WIFI_USB_LAN_X_touch_512MB_release_1.7z". This one actually boots.

# uname -a
Linux a13-OLinuXino-Micro-SOM 3.4.90+ #11 PREEMPT Thu Jun 5 16:40:24 EEST 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux

I can probably try to use this image but substitute the compiled kernel... but I'm flying blind. Is there a document anywhere describing which kernel sources are compatible, and how to set the parameters for an arbitrary LCD? Where are the sources for this kernel? Device tree? Or is it even using the DT?   Also the link to the A13 user manual is broken. Where is it?


Is there a specific reason for using the older sunxi image, instead of the mainline one?

At the moment you can see find some information about the Olimage mainline images here:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


My only reason I looked at an earlier version is to get an operational kernel with a source that I can modify if needed.
What I really need is to be able to create an overlay or (device tree) that will have the configuration for an LCD screen with given parameters. Or can it be done with fbset?

I know that the "buster" image boots on my board. Is there a script to build the kernel it uses? And the sources at ""; are for that version? Is olinuxino_defconfig there what I should use?



You can use the overlays for Olimex LCDs for A13 boards as basis, check here:

The build script info for Olimage images can be found here:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex