Is the olimex esp32-poe being used by anyone?

Started by yadav12, May 25, 2021, 09:17:16 AM

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Hello everyone! I'm attempting to get an ESP32-POe unit to work with esphome so that I can use the Poe and ethernet capability it provides, but I can't seem to get it to connect; it flashes properly, and I've tried both wifi and ethernet connections with no luck; any suggestions?


The WIFI should work with the default demo, it is the same for all ESP32 examples.

About the Ethernet, did you use the configuration that they suggest:

  type: LAN8720
  mdc_pin: GPIO23
  mdio_pin: GPIO18
  clk_mode: GPIO17_OUT
  phy_addr: 0
  power_pin: GPIO12
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What framework you use? Arduino or IDF? The problem is that in IDF>=4.0 clock mode is not configurable at runtime like before but hard coded. And if you use IDF then you should set CONFIG_ETH_RMII_CLK_OUT_GPIO=17. In case of Arduino framework make sure that it use old 3.3 IDF.