ESP32-PoE OTA Update via Ethernet

Started by discodisc, May 20, 2021, 10:56:58 PM

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I'm quite new to this, but I wanted to update a sketch on the Olimex ESP32-PoE via Ethernet using the ArduinoOTA library ( I tried the OTEthernet example script from the repo but it can't compile, showing the error:
'InternalStorage'` was not declared in this scope
The github repository does have an ESP32 section, but I couldn't really understand the second part of the instructions (third paragraph).
QuoteThis library supports SPIFFS upload to esp8266 and esp32, but the IDE plugins have the network upload tool hardcoded to espota. It can't be changed in configuration. To upload SPIFFS, call the plugin in Tools menu and after it fails to upload over network, go to location of the created bin file and upload the file with arduinoOTA tool from command line. The location of the file is printed in the IDE console window. Upload command example (Linux):

~/arduino-1.8.8/hardware/tools/avr/bin/arduinoOTA -address -port 65280 -username arduino -password
How do I upload over network if I can't compile? Any pointers would be appreciated, and sorry if this is a basic question :)


Probably something related to the installation of the ArduinoOTA, seems this error was initially showing when there was no support, check here:

Make sure you are using latest version of ArudinoOTA. If the problem remains and no good replies here, maybe try posting an issue at the ArduinoOTA's GitHub.
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