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iCE40HX8K-EVB Newby Question

Started by cursorkeys, May 12, 2021, 09:41:33 PM

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I am new to FPGA, and bought myself just an Olimex iCE40HX8K-EVB

I landed on this tutorial, to get started. I installed ICESTORM, and now the next step is programming the FPGA.


The tutorial talks about using the OLIMEXINO-32U4 as a programmer.  I don't have it.  Maybe I will buy it if needed.  What I do have is an AVR-ISP-mkII, from when I was programming AVR microcontrollers. (see )

When searching on the net I find instead another Olimex product ( )

1. Can I somehow use the AVR programmer to program the Olimex FPGA?
2. If not, what is the recommended way?
3. What is up with the two similar products with similar product names. Olimex
AVR-ISP-MK2  and Atmel


Instead of Olimexino-32u4 - you can use any Arduino or Raspberry Pi board if you have such available.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex