ESP32S2 devkit lipo USB power consumption in deep sleep

Started by xtrinch, May 05, 2021, 10:41:16 PM

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I got two of your ESP32S2 devkit lipo USB boards, and I've been doing some deep sleep current measurements.

I've used the sketch you have for the deep sleep for the regular ESP32 devkit lipo board:
Adapted it to be flashable to the s2 by using the latest alpha release of arduino-esp32 which supports ESP32S2 (which was released less than a month ago). Didn't do any modifications to the actual sketch.

Measured the current with an Owon b35t - not a sophisticated measuring device but should go in ranges from DC current (60uA – 20A). I did the measurements while the board was connected to a regular LiPo battery with over 50% charge.

The measured current was 750-800uA, which is way above what I expected (Was expecting under 100uA!). Tried with both of the boards that I got, just to be sure.

With this my battery will get drained too quick for long term operation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


the RGB LED consumes this extra power
remove the solder from LED1-ENABLE SMD jumper (i.e. open it) and measure again


Cool, it's down to 30ua!

Thank you for your help & such awesome boards.