AVR-ISP500-ISO not workink - win10

Started by ALIPO, August 30, 2021, 07:55:09 PM

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Dear sir,
I have a AVR-ISP500-ISO win10x64
I Installed the last drivers (using win10 driver signature disable) procedure
I updated the programmers to the last firmware version present in your website without any problems.
I forced the com port to COM2

the programmer is not working nor in AS7 neither in avrdude nor in arduino env (i configured arduino as described in your web site)

I have a working board with atmel 128 and ISP 10pins connector
can you suggest to me the right command for avrdude?
do you have some suggestion?

commands tested:
avrdude -u -c stk500 -P COM2 -p m8
avrdude -u -c stk500v1 -P COM2 -p m8
avrdude -u -c stk500v2 -P COM2 -p m8 

WARNING: Unable to detect MCU


It works here. Also we have few boards with ATmega128 and AVR-ISP500-ISO works with them too. Something else in the installation or the hardware setup is wrong.

1. In Atmel Studio/Microchip Studio did you add the programmer from Tools -> Add Target -> Select programmer's COM port from drop down menu -> Apply ?

2. Does your target have 10-pin ISP connector? What are the chances that it has JTAG exposed instead of ISP?
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first of all thanks for your answer
yesterday I've done a lot of test and I understood:
1) the olimex programmer work on other board like arduino using STK500 proptocol in avrdude: good
2) on a specific board (M128 wit 20pin isp connector - no connection to other components) the olimex programmer doesen't works but other stk500 programers will work correctly

do you have some suggestion on how to proced?       


problem solved: when I remove a jumper (open circuit) from the ATmega128 board (it permit to send the RX0 to the  rs232 converter) the olimex it is able to communicate.

questions: I have to analyze board schematic in order to better understand the problems but I don't know why other programmers do not have the same problem.

if someone can suggest to me what I need to check in order to avoid similar situation (atmega 128 board) I apreciate

thanks in advance


Glad you got it working. It is something related to the board design if changing the jumper changes the behavior. What is the board or maybe share a schematic or excerpt of it so we can see what is going on?
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex