Arduino Uno Rev 3 and Olimex EKG/EMG Shield Setup Guide

Started by Dominikd98, April 05, 2021, 10:37:33 AM

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Hi Everyone!

As a university thesis I want to build an EMG controlled upper limb prosthetic arm, but I have some problems with the arduino uno rev 3 and an olimex ekg/emg shield, because somehow I can not get the right values. I already tried so many codes, but the results were the same. Because first of all I wanted to do a test measurement to see everything works properly and I can set the minimum values from the EMG signals at which my 5 servo motors will move. The end of the tests I always get the same result, 2.5 V.

I use these items:
- Arduino Uno rev 3
- Olimex EKG/EMG Shield
- Electrodes
- Cable

I placed the electrodes like this

Also, there is a link here where I uploaded some pictures about my setup, the result and a file about my code for this project, I hope these are enough.  ;D

Please could someone help me in this situation, because I don't really know how can I solve this problem!
It would be the best if someone share with me a very detailed document or a video about how can I set properly this equipments, of course If it is not a big ask!

Thanks forward everything!  ;D

Dominik  ;D


We don't have much experience with EMG ourselves, but my advice is to first try EKG measurement as shown here:

Such test would show if the hardware setup is alright (that is if you receive good EKG results as shown in the pictures).

You might also try these libraries:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Dear LubOlimex!

Thanks for your answer, but somehow I didn't get anz notification about it and since then I found the solution.

But i got an other problem.

My new problem is I switched the electrodes to this ,I did this because I got an other advice how can I get better signals, but I don't know how to place it for an EMG measuring.

Can you help me again?

Thank you forward!