Firefox crash after upgrade

Started by KeesZagers, March 10, 2021, 04:51:05 pm

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A few years ago I bought a TERES laptop kit and it worked quite well, in fact only used it as a Firefox browser. Now I wanted to start a new project with it and I thought it is best to start with a new clean system. So downloaded the latest image:
Installed it and everything worked again. Also no problem with Firefox.
As the image is already quite old I looked for updates and upgraded everything with sudo apt upgrade. No problem so far. However if I start Firefox now I always get a message that the tab crashed. Have others also experienced this? And maybe know the reason and still better: have a solution for the problem?


OK, others no problems with it???
Now re-installed the same image and no upgrade. This works for now. But ...
Are new ready-to-use images expected in the near future?
What can I expect from the other older images that are on the FTP server?


Never reinstall a working system ... :D

I flashed it and tried it out today and i can confirm the issue with Firefox. Not nice.
I wanted anyway to revert the eMMC back to a more stable image because latest Armbian was powering off on me out of the blue - no idea why and i don't have the time to look into it.
So i'll use xenial with Chrome till the Firefox issue is fixed. It could be an old kernel +  GFX acceleration thing. Or something to disable in FF.

Looking forward to get a working debian bullseye install on SD card with mainline kernel.