Started by afancher, March 06, 2021, 04:59:06 AM

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I have a custom-built set of binaries and would like to update u-boot on my system. 

Taking a look at the olimage source (olimage/olimage/core/bootloaders/allwinner/a64.py) I see that the sunxi-spl.bin file is written:
dd if={}/sunxi-spl.bin of={} bs=1k seek=8 conv=sync,fsync,notrunc

Followed by building of the u-boot.itb and finally writing it:
dd if={}/u-boot.itb of={} conv=notrunc,fsync bs=1k seek=40

What I'm wondering is whether the u-boot.itb is generic, and not unique to a newly built sunxi-spl.bin, and if so, whether u-boot.itb needs to be rebuilt re-written or can the existing one be left in place?

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can lend.


Is there a forum that would be better suited for u-boot-olinuxino questions? 


I suppose you could try the U-Boot ML and/or the linux-sunxi ML.



Hi, just an update for those who are interested...

I've expanded my knowledge a bit on shell and python scripting and am right now testing and troubleshooting a patch that will create an entrypoint to pause the Olimage build process to allow a custom-built u-boot-olinuxino binary to be substituted and included in the final image.

Once I've gotten it working I'll include the other supported platforms and put in a pull request on the Olimage git repository.  Stay tuned :)